Martin Peirson | Songs
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LYRICS – click to expand


Now the Moon is in the sky
Time for you and I to say goodnight
So we go our own way
Leave behind our day and say goodnight


Soon we’ll be in deepest sleep
Where dreams are ours to keep
before they drift away.


As today fades out of sight
it’s over the time is right
to say goodnight.


Martin: 6 string, vocals
Emily Blackledge: Violin (arranged Robinson)
Molly Robinson: Piano

In Your Dreams

I’ve been sitting here for hours
with a drink in my hand and the TV on low
The street light flickers shadows
 of those table flowers dancing up the wall
It’s cold without doubt, the fire’s gone out
–  and I wish I had too.
Tell me what I do now
Where I go now
It’s not what it seems
It’s in your dreams, your dreams
The clock is showing tomorrow
 so I turn out the light and head up to bed
I can beg steal or borrow
 but can’t get no sleep, cos’ of what’s in my head
It’s nearly three – what you doing to me?
Come closer and see.


Martin: 6 string, electric guitar, vocals
Peter Robinson: Fretless bass, keyboards, percussion.


Inspired by a new street lamp positioned in some trees that now cast bright moving ‘flower’ shadows on our wall. Not interesting enough for a storyline-unless they were apology flowers- after a misunderstanding…. sorted.

Keep on Rolling

One for the road, I feel like a moan
and there’s no-one around here to call
Still I lift the receiver, dial some numbers
and wait for the coins to fall


Keep on rolling like the river rolls down to the sea
Keep on rolling -why not come rolling with me.


Well I have to admit that I wasn’t impressed
When the voice came on over the line
It wasn’t the friendly girl like I’d been hoping
He sounded the military kind.


Sorry I said, I was hoping for someone
A little bit nicer than you
No sense of humour he slammed down the receiver
You win some you lose some too.


So I came out the box and moved down the road
Still in search of company
Then my heart missed a bit when this girl on the street
Said she’d like to go rolling with me.


Martin: 6 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Bass, piano, vibes, percussion
Mick Harding: Cajon
Tony Underwood: Electric guitar
Dez Allenby: Harmonica
Gary Pullen: Washboard
Henry Priestman: Hammond Organ & backing vocals
Hazel Richings & Linda Kelly: Backing vocals


Before mobile phones, if you were out and about on the streets after kicking out time, and wanted to annoy someone, you had to find a phone box.

Looking for London

Through this door, there’s so much more
A world to see, if you dare break free.
There’s no sign by the road to show you the way
Just stars in the sky at the end of the day
A thousand angels call your name.
Don’t forget, two lives you get
One you take, and one you make.
Looking for London, streets of gold
You never know what can unfold.


Martin: Ukulele, 6 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Bass, trumpet
Mick Harding: Cajon
Tony Underwood: Slide guitar
Dez Allenby: Harmonica
Gary Pullen: Washboard
Molly Robinson: Saxophone
Katie Spencer & Hollie Peirson: Backing vocals


It’s not about ‘doing what you’ve always wanted’- but more about getting out there and trying new things that you might enjoy-or be good at. How do you know you are not a naturally talented pole vaulting gymnast for example unless you try it? I imagine our forebears looking down from above –wishing they had done more –and shouting to us ‘Go on …vault!’-or whatever…


Fading away, I want you to stay
In black & white we’re together day and night
Colours fade away


We’re disappearing here in this frame
Like a rainbow after the rain
Don’t know how long we’ll remain.


In this picture there’s you and there’s me
young lovers-walk in the sea
One day they’ll no longer be.


I don’t know what to do with these photographs of you.


In these photos all jaded and curled
You’re looking back through the eyes of a girl
Don’t leave me you still mean the world.


Martin: 6 string, 12 string, vocals
BJ Cole: Pedal steel Guitar
Peter Robinson: Upright bass
Tony Underwood: Electric guitar
Gary Pullen: Washboard
Hugh Whitaker: Percussion
Mick Harding: Cajon
Sarah Shiels: Backing vocals


It’s a fact that the chemicals in old colour photographs slowly causes them to fade away- even those hidden in albums out of sunlight. It seems black and white ones are safe. Sad in some ways, though this is about two people who appear to be surviving the problem. It features the great pedal-steel guitar playing BJ Cole- who has played on lots of chart hits-including perhaps most famously Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’.

Shadows and Candlelight

Shadows and candlelight, hush-a-bye dreams that excite
The man in the moon, may just whistle our tune
-if you stay with me tonight.


Here on the platform, we’ve just stepped off the train.
and we’re running through the rain.


It’s like an old movie, we’re Bogart and Lauren Bacall
The gangster and his moll.


On the clock in the station, the hands show this is our time
Your hand in mine.


Martin: 6 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Bass
Hugh Whitaker: Drums
Keith ‘Ched’ Cheeseman: Lap guitar, baritone guitar
Katie Spencer & Hollie Peirson: Backing vocals


A romantic encounter song written in black and white. Could be young lovers starting out together or an illicit saucy weekend-you decide.

The Singing Man

This is not the time to sing the blues
He scribbles down the songs we know he’ll choose.
A quick call home then he silences his phone
Here we go- time to start the show.
The Singing Man
The Singing Man
He’s all on his own so clap your hands for the Singing Man.


His red guitar is waiting to be played
Rock n’ roll or sixties hit parade.
It’s green for go, the house lights dim low
No turning back –just hit the rhythm track.


Classic rock from way back when.
The songs have all become his friends.
To get reverberation heaven
-the echo sound is on eleven.


His final chord rings out from his guitar.
He packs up all the gear into the car.
It’s not for fame-no-one knows his name
– So he slips away, to return another day.


Martin: 6 string, 12 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Bass, percussion.
Tony Underwood: Electric guitar
Hugh Whitaker: Drums
Henry Priestman: Hammond Organ & backing vocals
Emily Blackledge: Violin
Molly Robinson: Piano
Les Glover: Backing vocals
Sarah Shiels: Backing vocals
Les Glover: Backing vocals


Written after being at a folky event in a village hall- great act, great sound. The bar however was in a next-door social club- where on the same night a guy with Brian May hair was giving it welly with loud backing tracks, tons of vocal reverb and a Les Paul – with not many listening-or even there. He seemed quite happy and maybe in his head he was at Wembley.

The Sound of Summer

You make me feel like there’s no tomorrow
You make me feel like there’s no today.
There’s a bird on the wire with the sound of summer
If it gets any higher –I’m gonna scare it away.
One for no money, two for no show
Three to get ready – but let’s not go!


Out in the street there are children playing
Sun’s going in and there’s a rumour going round
There are tales to tell and a thousand stories
Most lie forgotten only some are found.


We had 48 hours -this time was all ours to share
There must be a reason, a really good reason you’re here.


To start up the day we’ll be rise and shining
Not much to say in the morning haze
But I’ve had a blast cos I’ve had you with me
And I want it to last more than just two days.


Martin: 6 string, mandolin, vocals
Peter Robinson:  Fretless bass
Dez Allenby: Concertina, harmonica
Gary Hammond: Percussion


Some songs don’t require explanations- this is one. It’s just two people that connect for a couple of days and don’t want it to end.

Sparks (Peirson/Brabbins)

Here we are, you and me, and it’s very plain to see
Sparks don’t fly between us anymore.
It’s all been said, no more battles, -two lives lie broken
Sparks don’t fly between us anymore.


Oh you had your chance you know
Now you’ve gone and let it go
Love slipped through our fingers just like sand
And now it seems a real disgrace
When I look around this place
How can you dismiss it with a waving of your hand?


Martin: 6 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Bass, strings
Emily Blackledge: Violin
Hazel Richings & Linda Kelly: Backing vocals


At the end of a folk club evening many years back, I was given a piece of paper with some words on written by the girl behind the bar who was going through a break-up at the time. The challenge was to ‘do something with them’ – and I said I would IF she got up and sang it. I went home and actually crossed most lines out, but thought what was left was emotionally very powerful-and put a simple melody to it. Honouring the challenge, Kath did get up and sing it- revealing a wonderful voice, which she began to use regularly afterwards. Although we did a live rendition for a charity cassette release, this is the first time I’ve recorded it myself.

Sweet Nuthins

You’re giving me the ‘old sweet nuthins’
The c’mon wink, the hand firm against the hip
It’s not love but it’s something
It’s around me and closing in quick.


And they say ‘no way will it work out’- but I’d like it if it did
They say ‘no way will it work out’- but I’d like it if it really went and did.


Tall palm trees in the cafe bow low, oh
You’re pulling like a train
An old steam loco, keen as the rain
I’m going to get soaked.


What’s the use in carrying on, listening to the grumbling
I can take the names- but I can’t take the blame.
The woman at the missionary bookstall
takes a nip of gin which is in
a bottle kept behind a picture of Jesus,
she doesn’t like me – but I don’t mind.


Martin: 6 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Bass, trombone, piano, percussion
Paul Liddell: Trumpet
Molly Robinson: Saxophone
Nick Rooke: Banjo, mandolin, backing vocals
Hazel Richings & Linda Kelly: Backing vocals


Just an assumed mismatch of two people. It’s great when you say about a relationship ‘I’ll give it a month’- and a pair are still together donkey’s years later.

Two thousand Reasons

It isn’t just the things you say
It isn’t just the things you do
Every time I go away, the more I miss you
Like stars around the moon coming out soon
there are two thousand reasons, to be with you


I think about tomorrow, watch the evening sky
I’m playing on an old piano, ‘As Time Goes By’


Home is where the heart is, it’s where I want to be
the fire in the evening and just you and me


When I wake up beside you, and Kindle lights the wall
it shimmers in the morning like a waterfall


Martin: 6 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Bass, keyboards
Simon Reeves: Piano


Very often being apart brings people closer- simple as that. Peter’s bass playing thoughout the album is so tasteful- but I especially love his playing on this one.

Under a Cloudy Sky

Swallows are leaving –don’t ask why Under a cloudy sky
You won’t believe me –but I’m happy to lie
Under a cloudy sky.
Early this morning there was red in the air
Sailors beware, I don’t care
Lose all our troubles, let them pass by
Under a cloudy sky.


This is now heaven, we don’t have to try
Under a cloudy sky.
Here’s an umbrella to keep us all dry
Under a cloudy sky.


Swallows have flown –don’t me ask why
Under a cloudy sky
You won’t believe me it’s truth or lie
Under a cloudy sky.


Martin: 6 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Fretless bass, strings


Two things cause a major amount of stress in many people- in their attempts to make them perfect- Christmas and family holidays. I’m not one of those-but thought that if you are, and find yourself on holiday with bad weather-then that’s great: it might have gone ‘wrong- but it’s not your fault – the pressure is off!

What you want to see

I still believe we’re here for a reason
if not then what’s the point?
There is a song for every season
– everything you want.


The wind has blown along the way
Are we who we want to be?
On reflection all you get is what you see
What you want to see.


I’ve found the bridge- water passes under
It doesn’t all run deep
I see calm before the thunder
when I go to sleep.


Martin: 6 string, 12 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Bass, percussion, keyboards, guitar
Paul Blackburn: violin


If things don’t turn out the way you wanted- there’s nothing to stop you imagining it different-we all do so to some extent. Very old people have every excuse to big things up a bit –why not. Reflection is a great word. As in ‘mirror-like’ it’s what you see now, but it also describes looking back on things.

White Horses

All I can see are walls around me
nowhere to get away
Head’s in a spin at news just come in.


We can ride white horses
waves break on the shore
We can ride in the great outside
when we can’t take anymore


If you can’t see wood for the trees
That’s when you should get away
You don’t have to hide what you’re feeling inside.


Martin: 6 string, 12 string, vocals
Peter Robinson: Bass, percussion, guitar, keyboards
Keith ‘Ched’ Cheeseman: Lead Electric guitar
Tony Underwood: Electric guitar
Mick Harding: Cajon
Gary Pullen: Washboard
Olivier Demers: Foot percussion
Sue Murray, Sue Dyson, Jo Binnington: Backing Vocals


It doesn’t literally have to be riding horses along the beach- but we all have a zone we can mentally escape to when we need it-and this is just a reminder of that.