Martin Peirson | Singer Songwriter
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*THANKS to MAVERICK magazine for featuring the track ‘Shadows & Candlelight’ in its playlist for the APRIL/MAY edition (vol 28) ! Have a read/listen on


  • THE Album itself is now available to download from iTunes, Amazon etc -or can be heard on Spotify. You get the music of course-but not the lovely artwork, lyrics etc that come with the CD itself-available from this website.

The album has had lots of great feedback- with airplay up and down the country as well as locally. Just Beverley mag noted “It could be the best  £10 you have spent so far this year!”



With a collection of quirky self-written songs under his belt, and an ongoing love of performing, Martin Peirson keeps a foot in the door of the music world he has grown up in.  For him, it’s all about sharing music and stories with those around that care to listen, – something he has been doing for most of his life. A new CD ‘Shadows and Candlelight’ has just been released – a perfect opportunity to get ‘out and about’ either solo or with some of the guest musicians that played on the recorded tracks.


Martin also has a track (Where I Want to Be) included on the FAIRVIEW @50 CD of new tracks to celebrate 50 Years of Fairview Studios – check out the studio footage on the VIDEOS page here! (click on the menu above)


The East Yorkshire based musician recently stepped down from organising events at music venue The Processed Pea after twenty five years, and has discovered time to pick up his own guitar- and pen again.


A taster single ‘IN YOUR DREAMS’ including a couple of other finished tracks, was released to garner interest for the finished album.  The video for the single was created by Lostboy Productions and can also been seen by clicking  VIDEOS on the menu. The single had local radio airplay including twice-daily airings on Beverley FM when Martin was chosen as Artist of the Week.


For live performances Martin is usually solo- but occasionally joined by fellow musician friends to make a ‘scratch band’ that simply enjoy making music together, whether his own compositions, or a few well-known covers. Loosely referred to as THE RUNAWAY TRAIN -its’ varying line up has performed at Beverley Folk Festival, Burton Agnes Jazz Festival and Goodmanham Folk Festival. Line-ups can include Peter Robinson (bass), Dez Allenby (harmonica), Hugh Whitaker (drums), Tony Underwood (gtr) Cathy Allenby (BVs) and Rob Peirson (bass/gtr).


Martin also performs as a ‘Man of a Certain Age – the backing band for HENRY PRIESTMAN for his local gigs and sometimes further afield,  and as an occasional musician for the Goathland Plough Stots, and the Flamborough Longsword Teams.


More information about these can be found on the HISTORY page.